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Last Day On Earth MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Craft) v1.18.9 Download

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Last day on Earth MOD APK (Unlimited money, free craft) is a zombie-themed survival game that is becoming one of the most popular Android games today with millions of downloads on Google Play.

App summary

Last day on Earth: Survival
387.5 Mb
Android 4.1
MOD Features
Unlimited Money, Free Craft

About Last Day On Earth: Survival

last day on earth apk

The genre of survival horror before Last day on Earth had many, such as Z Day or ARK. However, the most successful is probably still LDoE. Possessing a large number of players right after its launch, Last Day On Earth: Survival is the hottest game for a long time and lasts until now.

Currently, this game is available on Android and iOS (developed by Andrey Pryakhin). Like other survival games, the world of Last Day On Earth: Survival is extremely fierce. What you need to do is survive, only when you can “live” can you experience all the beauty of the game. The game focuses on exploiting the survival element instead of shooting action. However, that much is enough for gamers to immerse themselves in the thrilling and tense atmosphere.


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The world that Kefir built for Last Day on Earth: Survival is bold fiction. The story begins in the year 2027 when humanity is facing a catastrophe of destruction. Not war, not natural disaster, instead virus disaster – Zombie. This virus has a dizzying speed, wherever it goes, it destroys life there.From city to city, from continent to continent. Gradually, people will be assimilated, become a zombie, lose control. The zombies with a bloodthirsty, crazy nature will attack people. Among those lucky survivors is you. How to avoid this terrible pandemic? What to do to not turn into a zombie? This is your mission. Try, do all you can to survive in the chaotic world of Last Day on Earth Survival.

Gameplay System

The success of Last Day on Earth Survival is due to many factors. In it, it is impossible to ignore the horror zombie-themed gameplay. The beauty of the developer is to help gamers get a real “life and death” feeling. You have antibodies in your body, that’s a good thing. However, the challenge is right in front of us. Live or die, that’s a very fragile rope. To survive, you need to do everything you can.

To survive, you need to fight

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Imagine you are living in a city full of dangers.Zombies can attack you at any time. They hide everywhere, just seeing you will rush out regardless. No place is safe, not in the woods or in fortified buildings. Such a terrible world, is there any way for you to survive? The answer is “self-advocacy”. At this point, you have to “go out”, find food, weapons, drinks, things necessary for survival. But out there dangerous, out will potentially die? Do not think safety is life, because if you do not find necessities, you will die. Last Day on Earth: Survival sets stats related to your “status”. So you can follow up to make sound decisions.

Building a “fortress” for defense

With the zombie pandemic, nothing can be certain that sitting at home will be safe. So Last Day on Earth Survival forces you to act. In other words, get out of your shelter. This is when you will find materials to make weapons. Even if it’s just as rudimentary as sticks, stones, shoes, etc., it also helps you increase your survivability. Last Day on Earth Survival also allows gamers to build bases. This will be where you live, defend. For extra safety, make traps, grow vegetables, raise dogs. At times when you can’t go out, this self-sufficient food source will help you get through the day.In particular, in this survival world, there are also thieves. This war is not just between zombies and humans.It is also a cruel world without friendship and love. While you are away, maybe they will come to your house and “grab” everything or maybe kill you.

Search everything possible with the vast map

Besides fighting, the task of finding items is also extremely important. Last Day on Earth: Survival creates a large map. Players can go to many places to find food and materials. The impressive thing is that the place you have reached will be completely changed by the system. Therefore, it is not possible to apply the “delicious and familiar to find” trick. You can search for items in many places throughout the map. Even “accidentally” entering “wrong” someone else’s house. Abandoned places like military bases will help you find many valuable weapons.

Link with friends

linkyou in LDoE

Last Day on Earth: Survival does not force you to play the game alone. Because the game also has a “cooperative” mode – Co-op. That is, you can invite your friends to fight side by side. Once you have a teammate, all the burdens and tasks will be shared.

Horror graphic

Not only the gameplay is new, but the game’s graphics are also highly appreciated. It is not only “smooth” but also beautiful. Images and sounds are not virtual, but in return are real.Still 3D graphics, realistic description, depicting vivid scenes. Just got the horror, suspense, drama. Just got the majestic, close scenes.

What does the Last Day On Earth MOD APK version have?

In the MOD version of Last day on Earth: Survival that iGameHot provides, you can craftno item needed. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually over time, so this MOD APK will help you overcome them all.

Items that cannot be crafted

  1. Horse Saddle
  2. Kevlar Trousers
  3. Mortar
  4. Metal Pipe
  5. Assault Helmet
  6. Assault Body Armor
  7. Assault Trousers
  8. Assault Boots
  9. ATV Transmission
  10. Clan Banner
  11. Tactical Backpack
  12. Hand Pump
  13. Repair Station
  14. Zombie Truck
  15. S&W Magnum
  16. MI24
  17. Electronics Lab
  18. The Dragunov
  19. Metal Cutter

MOD Features

  • Free Craft.
  • Item separation.
  • Increases weapon durability.
  • Increase movement speed.

How to install Mod and backup data

  • Step 1: Uninstall the original version.
  • Step 2: Download 2 APK files and Obb.
  • Step 3: Extract the Obb file to the zombie.survival.craft.z folder.  Move this directory to /Android/Obb.
  • Step 4: Install APK file.
  • Step 5: Enjoy.

Instructions to backup data when updating new version

  • Open file manager.
  • Go to /Android/Obb.
  • Compress (pack) the zombie.survival.craft.z folder into a .zip.
  • Copy this file to another place or upload it to Drive.
  • Unfortunately lose data or want to recover you can extract this folder to /Android/Obb.

Note: If there is a new MOD version, you just need to go to iGameHot.Net to download the new MOD and install it over it.


Last Day on Earth: Survival is always different from other games of the same genre. From attractive gameplay to horror 3D graphics, this will be a great game for those who love the zombie survival genre. Perhaps you should download the game and experience it, an introductory article like this is not enough to describe its beauty.

Download Last day on Earth Hack / MOD APK for Android

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