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Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK 6.4.2b (Unlimited Money, Food) Download

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Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – a great dragon farming simulation game developed by Gameloft. If you love powerful dragons and want to be their master, then Dragon Mania will help you do this.

App summary

Dragon Mania Legends
115 Mb
Android 4.4
MOD Features
Unlimited Money, Food

About Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends is a game modeled after the farm building genre released by Gameloft. The animals you take care of will be dragons and each dragon will have its own set of skills. You have to build reasonable tactics to defeat the opponent and exchange for rewards.

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In Dragon Mania Legends Mod, players will become a dragon caretaker and trainer. Gamers must complete assigned tasks, participate in dragon battles to level up. At the same time, the world in the game is a vast, vast world with more than 600 different species of dragons and this number is being developed more and more to create excitement for players. Each dragon in the game will have an appearance that matches the element they own, and each dragon will have from one to three elements. Corresponding to each element they have is a different skill. This will make the game more interesting, helping players draw more strategies for their dragon squad.

Engaging dragon farming

When starting the game Dragon Mania Legends Mod, you will have 2 dragons.Based on the beginner’s instructions, the player can build a farm with a dragon-specific habitat. Of course, you can raise many other dragons (you can buy dragons in the free shop or buy them with real money).

dragon mania legends mod apk

One thing that I find most interesting in the game Dragon Mania hack is that you can feed the dragon to upgrade the dragon and breed the dragon to be able to create a variety of dragon species in your farm. Each species of dragon will have a unique name and a suitable habitat for them. In addition to feeding them, you can take care of them by stroking and cuddling to increase the intimacy between you and the dragons. When touching the dragons you will see their information, and can also collect gold quickly by scanning your finger on your dragons. Regarding the production of dragon food, raising and performing other tasks that need to take time to complete. But if you want to speed up, you can use money and diamonds to speed up.

Battle of the Dragon

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When your dragons are big enough, you can let them participate in dragon battles to get the loot. Each battle will have the participation of dragons in both factions, each faction sends up to 3 dragons to fight and you can rely on the strengths and weaknesses of your dragon and the opponent’s dragon to be able to choose the best ones dragons match his team’s tactics. You can join a match by choosing from the quest bar or switch to the battle zone on your islands where there are function buttons.

Note: Players will have to lose one energy for each battle. After using up all the energy you have, you will not be able to continue fighting and you have to wait for the energy tube to be fully charged again. Your dragons will represent the elements in nature such as fire, wind, water, … and there will be dragons that are hybrids that will carry many elements. In addition, when defeating boss dragons, you will receive a lot of experience points, as well as loot.

System of more than 600 dragon species

With the number of dragon species up to more than 600 species included in Dragon Mania Mod, you have the opportunity to breed many unique dragon species and take care and train dragons to be able to create your own strategic formations. In each type of dragon will have different characteristics, shapes and fighting skills, dragon species are divided into systems according to elements: fire, wind, earth, water, plants, metal, energy., vacuum, light, dark, mythical, divine, ancient. Each attribute system will have different advantages and disadvantages. So you have to come up with training and care plans for them to thrive.From there, it helps you to create unique strategies in the game.

Interesting quest

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In order to facilitate more interaction with the game, there will be many different tasks for players to perform.And after completing the mission you will get a lot of experience points. Not only that, when you win battles, or after upgrading your oasis and harvesting food, you can also get experience points. You can track your quests by tapping the Quest icon in the lower left corner of the screen. At this point, a series of task lists will appear and new tasks are noted by flashing exclamation points next to them.

The mission system in Dragon Mania Legends Mod combines with the player having to manage and build like taking care of dragons, feeding them, building islands for them and training the dragons to fight and fight their dragons Vikings Each. Completed mission will help players receive loot such as gold, gems or dragon food.


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Dragon Mania Legends gives players a cute, friendly, old-fashioned way of graphics. The game will include many islands with different weather to suit each dragon race such as spring, misty land, desert, tropical rain, ice and snow, …

Each island region will have different characteristics and are expressed through colors and characteristics to create the inherent harmony of each region. At the same time, the animations when using skills in combat will help our dragons be highlighted with each movement, look, and their own characteristics through special moves or side costumes.outside for example.

Features in Dragon Mania Legends

  • Build as many dragon houses on your own islands in Dragon Mania Legends Mod.
  • Buildings include: Vikings, Habitat, Island, Map, Cost, Ghost, Ship, Wildfire.
  • Own powerful clans of dragons to breed and train them into legendary dragon warriors.
  • Caring for and training baby dragons from a young age through interactions with dragons in the game.
  • Find and collect different types of dragons to add variety to your dragon island.
  • Create unique strategies to fight Tooth & Claw.
  • Master the masterful 3 vs 3 combat system, the link between the dragon races is tight.
  • Training special, unique dragon skills.
  • Visit mode and send gifts to other friends in the land of Dragolandia.
  • Confront and suffocating battles with other players in the arena and enjoy the feeling of glory when you win not only can you receive extremely attractive loot.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Food.
  • Increases HP, Damage.
  • Unlock over 400 rare dragon species.
  • Anti-ban.

How to install

Step 1: Uninstall the original version on Google Play or the original APK file on the device.

Step 2: Download the DragonManiaLegends_MOD_(MENU).APK file provided by iGameHot.Net at the end of the article.

Step 3: Install the APK file as usual.

Step 4: Enter the game and experience.


Dragon Mania Legends brings an interesting experience, helping players return to the era of powerful and powerful dragons. Not only that, with simulation gameplay, you will be free to create unique legendary dragons. If you are a player who loves cute but equally powerful dragons, Dragon Mania will be a great choice. What are you waiting for, download Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK now and invite your friends to experience it together!!!

Download Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK for Android

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