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The Battle Cats MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a light-hearted defense strategy game inspired by lovely cats similar to the Mario Cat game. Now, choose a team of cats and fight an enemy that wreaks havoc on your nation!

App summary

The Battle Cats
Android 4.4
MOD Features
Vô hạn tiền, XP

About The Battle Cats

Previously, The Battle Cats game was also known as Nyanko Daisensou and Battle Nekos in Japan and Korea. Then, for some reason, PONOS removed both from the Google Play and Appstore portals in the US. Even so, nothing affects other countries and The Battle Cats is still loved and installed by many players.

the battle cats apk

In The Battle Cats Mod, a fantasy world is created that is in danger of being invaded. But the special thing, the invaders of our planet are not aliens or monsters but the cats that you are keeping in the house. No one knows where these mutant cats came from, people only know that they are ready to destroy everything to advance to the nuclear power area and get energy to take over the world. And from here your mission begins, take other cats to the battlefield to defend buildings and protect the Earth.

Tower defense gameplay

With hundreds of levels, The Battle Cats takes you to a world invaded by cats and fights them in tower defense battles. The ultimate goal of the match is to capture the enemy base or defend your tower, use different types of mutant cats and send them to the battlefield.

As I see it, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to Plants vs Zombies, except that in addition to defending your tower, you need to send troops to occupy the enemy cat’s base. With very simple control and drop mechanics, defend your defense tower on the left hand side and drop the cat army to let them advance to the enemy tower on the right hand side. You will be sent different types of cats to the battlefield depending on how much money you have in the game. So the more money, the stronger the cat you get in the game screen.

The Battle Cats takes you through many different locations around the world for each country. Every time you pass a level, you will immediately be transferred to a new map with a new scene, and your tower will tell you which country you are playing in.

For example, if you go to Cambodia, the tower will turn into Angkorwat, when you go to Thailand the tower will be Bubhha, etc. Of course, the context behind the courts will change with each country as well as the time you play.

Animated 2D graphics

Highly entertaining, the game’s graphics only stop at 2D. But perhaps because of this, it is really suitable for a fun game with special cats like The Battle Cats Mod. Cats are designed with many styles, from fat ones to muscular or tall ones. You will definitely play and laugh when you see the Boss or the enemy cat when they appear.


  • The tactical gameplay is not new, but it still becomes attractive thanks to the combination of the two elements “goal” and “success”.
  • The plot of the game is unique, not in contact with any other game.
  • The graphics are only 2D but still fully show everything in the game such as effects, images or designs of towers and cats.
  • Dozens of cats with different powers, will be unlocked gradually when you pass enough levels.
  • The game context changes continuously from country to country, and towers and enemies will be completely changed so you don’t get bored.

the battle cats mod apk

The Battle Cats MOD APK version

Downloading The Battle Cats MOD APK that iGamehot provides below will give you a lot of money and food. You can use this money to level up troops and upgrade your buildings to become stronger.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Food, Cat Food.

How to install?

  • Step 1: Download MOD APK version of Battle Cats below.
  • Step 2: Install the APK file.
  • Step 3: Enjoy.

Note: If there is a new version, you just need to go to iGameHot and download the latest The Battle Cats MOD APK and install it over it.


The Battle Cats MOD APK is a game with simple gameplay that combines attack and defense similar to other real-time strategy games. But thanks to the funny images of cats, you will surely crush this game when playing through the first levels. With a moderate capacity, beautiful 2D graphics, this game can be played well on Android, iOS, Nintendo 3ds or Nintendo Switch devices without any lag.

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK for Android

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