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Arena of Valor MOD APK (Map Hack, 60 FPS) Download

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Arena of Valor MOD APK for Android, iOS – Arena of Valor map hack, god mode is not banned 100%.

App summary

Arena of Valor
Garena Mobile Private
Tùy dòng máy
Android 4.0.3
MOD Features
Map Hack, Antiban, 60 FPS

TOP 6 versions of Arena of Valor MOD APK

Experience the Arena of Valor mod with more than 100 different generals for you to choose from. With your skills and tactical thinking, defeat enemies and creeps to gain experience and gold coins. These will help you upgrade champions and equipment for the duration of the match.

Like League of Legends, upgrading the rune board and mastery board in League of Legends is also very important to get an advantage against your opponents. And to win, you and your teammates need to destroy the opponent’s main house. The MOD APK version of Arena of Valor that iGamehot introduces below will hopefully help you get a quick victory to climb the Challenger rank this season.

arena of valor mod -apk

1. Arena of Valor Map Hack

The entire map has been cleared of fog. When using MOD, you can see all the movement direction of your team and the enemy team. From there, take important steps to give your team an advantage. For example, early ganking, robbing the enemy jungle or creating divine oddballs.

How to hack map in Arena of Valor without getting locked out of your account

  • Use VPN before operation.
  • Uninstall the original Arena of Valor in the device.
  • Download and install Arena_of_Valor_Map_Hack by iGameHot.
  • Enter the game and experience.

2. Arena of Valor MOD APK – God Mode

God Mode does not die – a bug that the developer has not fixed. If you want to solokill with the opponent, this feature is necessary. Even so, this version is not widely shared. Those who need can contact iGamehot to buy.

3. No skill CD

NO Skill CD allows you to trade freely without mana or cooldown. Your job just needs to orient the standard skill and create deadly combos only.

4. MOD One Hit

The onehit feature can only be used with jungle monsters. Clear jungle monsters fast, big targets like dragons, demon bats, Ceasar, etc.

5. High damage, buff health

Entering the game grants +20 physical damage, +20 magic, and +100 health, +100 armor to any champion. You will have a huge initial advantage against the other lane players. When using this feature, play aggressive and push the tower as fast as you can.

6. Unlocked Skins

If you want to use all champion skins including rare skins, chest skins, expensive skins without having to load cards, you should use Arena of Valor Mod Skins.

Installing Arena of Valor MOD APK

  • Step 1: Remove or delete the originals of the Union.
  • Step 2: Download MOD APK file.
  • Step 3: Select and download the Data files below.
  • Step 4: Extract the files and copy to Android/Obb.
  • Step 3: Install the APK file.

Note: The MOD versions have been separated, you cannot install all 6 versions of Arena of Valor Mod at once. If you want to use another feature, you must extract the Data and overwrite the previous file.

arena of valor map hack

About Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is one of the most popular MOBA games today. Not only Vietnam, Taiwan, China, the game’s coverage has covered all of Southeast Asia. The game is published and distributed by Garena on both Android and iOS platforms.

Initially, this game was called Glory King developed by Tencent Games in China. After that, change the money to Arena of Valor to develop to the whole world. Arena of Valor is built based on a fantasy context. A mysterious world where characters such as: Trieu Van, Xiang Yu, King Arthur… each have their own skills and personalities.

Launched on November 21, 2016, Arena of Valor has now turned 4 years old. Currently, the game owns a huge number of desirable fans and is positively received by the gaming community.


In Arena of Valor, the generals are divided into gladiator, support, gunner, assassin and mage systems. Choose for yourself a strong position and promote the maximum strength of that leader. Each position has a separate mission, such as assassins just need to defeat the gunner in the teamfight to be successful.

Items and equipment

Complementary Gems: Used to increase the stats of attack speed, crit, magic kill, armor penetration, magic resistance, armor, health in the early game, .. Gems are divided into 3 levels, the level of the more The higher the score, the larger the bonus. You should equip each champion with an appropriate rune table or each champion system with an appropriate rune table.

Skins / Outfits: Every champion in the League of Legends has a special event or story-based skin. These skins stand out in combat and have nice effects when casting. It will be interesting if you own rare skins. If not, you can download Arena of Valor Mod Skins that iGameHot provides below the article.

Chests: Complete the mission in each event launch to earn yourself many chests containing valuable items. It can be a renaming card, x2 gold, or it can also be a costume piece. If you are lucky, you can open the gem.

Game Modes

Normal mode 5vs5: You will get money and ruby ​​but no points. In this mode, most players choose to test champions, get acquainted with new champions or simply play for fun. There is no pressure like ranked mode.

1vs1 Solo Mode: For those who want to assert their skills, this is a game mode not to be missed. Invite your friends or high ranked players to divide the talent high and low, see who is the better player. In this 1vs1 mode, you will be competing at the unique bridge. There is only 1 lane and 2 auxiliary turrets, 1 main turret for each side. Both sides can compete according to their own rules, for example, solo for the first victory or solo for life stats.

Chaos: You will be involved in the battle with your teammates at the monolithic bridge. However, it is different from other game modes. You will not be able to heal and return to buy items, unless revived.

Life and death: An attractive 2vs2 match, requiring your teammates to coordinate well. Support each other smoothly. However, this is also the mode that gives you a sense of tension and thrill when participating.

Football mode: This is an entertainment mode that helps you relax after a stressful Rank match. You can pass the ball and score goals with your champion’s skills. This mode is only open on Monday / 4 / 6 and Sunday.

Ranked mode: This is a highly competitive mode in Arena of Valor. After each win, you get points, if you lose, you lose points. The more you lose, the more points you will be deducted and vice versa. Rankings will be classified according to Rank levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite and Master respectively. No one wants to stay in the low ranks forever, right? So, try to win the ranked matches.


  • Vietnamese language support makes it easier for you to manipulate and experience.
  • MOBA mode PVP 5vs5, 3vs3.
  • More than 90 generals and divided into 6 different categories including: Gladiator, tank, damage, gunner, mage and assistant.
  • Your chance to prove your bravery in constant skirmishes.
  • Raise the fighting spirit, the bravery of a talented general.
  • Free to experience, play anytime, anywhere, whenever you have free time.
  • The gameplay is simple, easy to manipulate and get used to.
  • Communicate with friends at home and abroad easily with handy Voice chat.


Arena of Valor MOD APK is a place where many talented guys come together to compete to prove their bravery. Team spirit is also one of the deciding factors to your victory or defeat. If you want to experience a new feeling, you can use the free hacked versions below.

Download Arena of Valor MOD APK for Android

At our website you can easily download Arena of Valor . The game has removed signatures and ads. Fastest download speed and no virus!

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