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Make it through in the sea with merely a tiny wood raft?Can you perform this? Join Epic Raft MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Craft) – An activity coming from the author Lightcore to answer this question .Remember, your only goal is to make it through.

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Epic Raft
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Android 4.0
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Unlimited Money

About Epic Raft

In the context of survival video games that are slowly saturated, Epic Raft could be a “brilliant place” to refresh the player’s experience. This game simply emerged not too long ago however now it has more than 1 thousand installs and also 4.3 out of 5 ratings on Google Play. This is actually possibly sufficient for you to rely on the allure of Epic Raft – A straightforward however fun survival video game. From information, gameplay to handle and specifically graphics, this video game reveals that it truly should have to be actually the trendiest survival activity in the around future. So what else do you hesitate? Let’s take in Epic Raft on your own.

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Epic Raft is actually encouraged by the story of Robinson Crusoe, a historic figure that has resided alone on the island for 3 decades. This is the manner for creating video game information along with the major concept of survival. Like the above mentioned famous personality, players will find ways to survive. However, right here it is actually not on an island, however on a sea loaded with danger and also puzzle.

In the starting point, you have just a little wooden raft. But you should locate food items and also water first if you wish to survive. You understand, this is not an effortless factor to receive from the ocean. Hunger and also thirst are possibly players’ greatest anxieties, however prepare yourself to take on even much bigger challenges from sharks, zombies, mutant crabs, as well as even the weather condition.

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Your personality has 3 significant statistics: health, water and also food.In which, the wellness mark depends upon the other pair of indicators. That means if you are as well famished or even also dehydrated, these pair of statistics will definitely visit 0 and also likewise means you will die as well as the health and wellness stat is actually the lowest. So think of discovering meals to stockpile on if you desire to live as long as feasible in Epic Raft.

There are actually several methods to locate food. For instance, the player may fish, eliminate mutant crabs for meat, or even hunt other ocean animals. But notice, the personality can’t consume raw meat each day, so you need to discover exactly how to make a fire to cook the food. In add-on, for consuming water, players can easily develop timber pet crates to keep storm water.

Resource Gathering

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If food helps you to endure, at that point sources will create it simpler for you to survive. Epic Raft will provide the personality along with an iron hook to hook items of lumber, plastic, or even leaves drifting in the sea. They are actually needed to have for players to expand their rafts or even craft the required equipment, like water tanks.

Also, as the gamer possesses additional resources, brand-new buildings will be unlocked. At the exact same opportunity, the game will deliver some specialized investigation and crafting device boards. As an end result, gamers may craft items, ignition units, and much more.

Fighting with sharks

Your life will certainly not be smooth along with foraging or even developing, in the video game Epic Raft all problems are going to pertain to you. During the exploration, the player will undoubtedly be actually dealt with through creatures on the ocean and isles, specifically sharks. It’s just about everywhere and equally starving as you are ideal now. So, if you don’t intend to become their target, gamers have 2 options: aggression or even sit still on the boating as well as wait to starve to death. How will definitely you choose? If you decide on to battle, do not overlook to gear up weapons as well as healing products.

Control mode

Epic Raft has an incredibly minimal management device, so it can operate smoothly on devices along with average setup and also above. Specifically, it includes merely 2 main parts. On the left side of the display is an online trick to relocate the character in the pointed out directions. And on the appropriate edge of the display screen are function keys such as strike, build, craft, supply as well as palm use. In add-on, some various other info is additionally presented visually on the display screen including health and wellness signs, drinking water, quantity or even food.


Unlike traditional survival activities, Epic Raft is actually made in an enjoyable comic strip style.The wound cultures have actually been streamlined right into typical colour impacts, the pictures in the game appeal shut and enjoyable, the background colours are actually bright. Those are the aspects that create this activity extra well-liked than survival games with sensible graphics.It assists to minimize the component of brutality while providing a relaxing take in for all sorts of players.

Epic Raft MOD APK version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Free Craft.


Prior to the problems of nature, what will certainly you do to survive? That is the concern throughout the gamer’s journey of experience in Epic Raft. I cherish this activity certainly not only for the gameplay, commands or even fascinating components like building and also combating, however additionally in the refined graphics aspect. All of these support the irrefutable appeal of the game. You can conveniently feel it the very first time you enjoy it.

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