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Minecraft PE MOD APK (Unlock All) for Android Download

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Are you ready to experience the endless open world with Minecraft PE MOD APK (Unlocked All) on the mobile platform? Attractive game modes, unlimited resources and unique graphic design style will surely surprise you. Explore Minecraft PE with iGameHot on your phone right now!

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition
121 Mb
Android 4.0
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About Minecraft PE

Minecraft is known as one of the most famous adventure games in the world. The game was produced by NPH Mojang in 2011. When it was just released, this game was called Cave Game. Later, Mojang decided to change to Minecraft Order The Stone. Finally, the game was renamed to simply Minecraft. It can be said that Minecraft is a rhythmic combination of games like Dwarf Fortress, Infiniminer and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

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Up to now, publisher Mojang has released 9 different game versions. However, Minecraft PE is still the version that attracts the most downloads worldwide. Minecraft PE (or MCPE) is fully known as Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is a mobile platform-specific version, specifically Android. Players can unleash creativity, explore and explore the world in the game. No need to use a computer, you just need to download Minecraft PE to your phone and experience it anytime, anywhere.


Entering the world of Minecraft PE, players will be impersonating a character and have no specific goals. Therefore, players can do whatever they like in this world. However, to survive persistently in the lands full of traps, you need to learn everything, from how to eat to how to make. You will be immersed in the vast world and randomly build with all kinds of terrain such as plains, hills, swamps, deserts, forests or rivers,…

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Time in Minecraft PE is divided into day and night. Each cycle usually lasts about 20 minutes in actual time.During the day, players can encounter living creatures such as villagers or edible animals. When night comes, dangerous monsters such as spiders, zombies, and skeletons will appear and attack the player. The most dangerous are creepers, they can explode and appear day and night. Minecraft PE becomes even more attractive when players can use tools to collect materials and arrange everything they want. You have the right to create and build works in your own style. This is the outstanding advantage in the gameplay of the game. In addition, players also have the opportunity to experience many different professions such as: farmer, woodcutter, animal husbandry, … In general, Minecraft PE game is built in an open world style, without plot andThere is no definite duty.

Game Modes

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Minecraft PE has 3 main game modes: survival, creative and hard. Each game mode has its own interesting points.

Survival Mode

Coming to Minecraft PE, players need to do everything to survive. Finding food, finding shelter, finding resources are not easy tasks. However, players can choose 1 of 4 different levels to experience including: Easy (Easy), Peace (Peace), Normal (Normal) and Hard (Hard). During the gameplay, if you are killed, then choose to respawn immediately. Once you are safe, you can grow crops, raise livestock, and go looking for minerals.

Creative mode

Creative mode in the survival adventure game Minecraft PE allows players to freely build buildings based on their thinking. It is important that you do how to create the most beautiful work. In this mode, players can freely hatch eggs to create a variety of useful animals. You will be able to go anywhere in the world without fear of being attacked. In particular, the Multiplayer feature of Minecraft PE version supports connecting friends via local wifi network.

Hard Mode

True to its name, Hard mode is only suitable for those who love adventure. If you are really brave, then you can choose this game mode to experience. The player will not be resurrected when dead.Of course, everything will be exactly the same as before. You will start over exploring and building your building. On the contrary, if you excellently overcome the obstacles in this mode, the loot brought back is also very impressive. You will experience the game with unprecedented care and thrill.

Minecraft Graphics

minecraftpe mod apk

In the Minecraft PE adventure world, all images are built by unique 3D blocks. It is estimated that the average game has more than 36 million square blocks with a variety of materials such as soil, water, stone, wood or gold, … Compared to some popular games today, Minecraft’s graphics platform is considered quite classic. Many people think that the graphics quality of the game is relatively low. However, this unique design style of Minecraft has made a mark of its own and attracts many gamers. In addition, Minecraft PE’s map creation system is extremely rich. Extremely light game capacity, maximum support on Android phones. As a lover of discovery and creativity, you cannot ignore this fascinating game. Minecraft PE promises to give gamers a voyeuristic look and a smooth experience.

Minecraft PE APK Original version

Minecraft PE APK is a modified version of the game to help players download and log in without errors. Of course, its nature and gameplay remains exactly the same as the original. You can download Minecraft PE APK for free to your phone via the link at the end of the article. Minecraft APK possesses features that the computer versions do not have. A series of escape tips and new features are updated in the version. Besides, the graphics system in the game is also greatly improved. Realistic flowing water, misty fog, … bring a very realistic experience.

Minecraft PE MOD APK version

MOD Features

  • Unlock all items.
  • Unlock all items.
  • God Mode
  • License removed.

Note: Need to sign in with a Microsoft account. Activate MENU MOD by logging into the game and clicking the circle button on the left.


Since its release, Minecraft has never let the gaming community down. And of course, the mobile version of Minecraft PE too. This game offers tons of great features and exciting game modes. This is the ideal choice for adventure lovers. And if you want to have more advantages in the game, you can download Minecraft MOD APK for free here.

Download Minecraft MOD APK for Android

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