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Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk is the next fighting action game in the Shadow Fight series of publisher Nekki. MOD version unlimited money, gems will help you upgrade equipment, weapons to increase the strength of the character without too much difficulty.

App summary

Shadow Fight 3
113 Mb
Android 4.1
MOD Features
Unlimited Money, Frozen Enemy

Shadow Fight 3 – Become the number one fighter in Japan

Following the previous version of Shadow Fight 2, in this version 3 players will be acquainted with a completely new look. The image of the boxer is no longer as dark as before, instead it is a 3D image with the full appearance of each character in the Shadow Squad group. Players can customize the character’s name and appearance according to their own style.

Currently, Shadow Fight 3 is available on Google Play and if you want to experience the MOD APK version, you can download it for free following the link at the end of the article.

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The plot of Shadow Fight 3 is not separate but has a connection throughout with the previous 2 parts. The story begins after decades, where the main parties in the world of Shadow Fight live. In the world of Shadow Energy, things are extremely complicated. To survive and assert themselves, factions always have to make every effort.

Players will choose one of these 3 factions. Your mission in SF3 is to fight and become the strongest. To complete the mission, you will use the weapons, skills. Along with that is the indomitable spirit of a warrior.


With an RPG Fighting game, the confrontation phase, the combat screen is indispensable. In the previous 2 parts, Nekki has built an attractive fighting game. And in this part 3 everything is even more perfect.

The gameplay of the game allows you to perform skills, full of eye-catching combat. Not merely a combination of punching and kicking actions, instead, players will have to flexibly create their own combo skills. In addition, with a huge system of auxiliary skills, you can unleash your expression.

According to the plot, your task is to do whatever it takes for your side to win. Instead of using weapons and skills common to all, each faction has a separate set of skills and moves. How strong, you should try them all to get the most overview. Of course, each faction has its own advantages.

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  • Impressive, sharp 3D graphics.
  • Diverse fighting styles, gamers customize in their own way.
  • When weapons and equipment are extremely diverse.
  • Many shadows with special abilities.
  • Upgrade character according to ability.
  • Vast map, explore the plot in depth.
  • Attractive side quests.
  • Various events with attractive prizes.
  • Doubles mode, put your name on the regional and world rankings.


The graphics of Shadow Fight 3 have a lot of changes. If versions 1 and 2 are black shadows, this part 3 is completely different. It is a sharp 3D graphics background, character creation and extremely impressive action effects.

The background of the game is extremely satisfying. Scenes and details are depicted in the most realistic way. The sound of the game is also excellent. Just perform the moves and you will feel the drama. The screams, the sound of weapons colliding, etc. were all very pleasant.

shadow fight 3 mod apk

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Version

Shadow Fight 3 MOD version has added unlimited money and freezing enemies. You need to strike first to make the opponent fly, at this time the Frozen Enemy feature will be activated. In addition, money in Shadow Fight 3 have also been modded 9999999999 when you have just logged in.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited gems.
  • Boss Skills.
  • Freeze enemies.

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Level 52

Surely when playing Shadow Fight 3 you really want to meet high-level opponents to fight them, right? With the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Max Level 52 that I introduce below, you will not spend much time unlocking low levels. Instead, all levels in the game have been Mod Unlocked. Just enter the game and choose the battle level, you will meet the opponents you want.

Note: Mod Level 52 includes unlimited money feature.


It’s really hard to find a point to “criticize” this fighting game. Whether it’s about gameplay, plot or features, Shadow Fight 3 has shown its perfection. The top martial arts displays and eye-catching moves will bring players the best experience. Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod and experience it.

Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK for Android

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