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Gameguardian APK v101.1 for Android Download

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Download and install the latest Gameguardian APK v101.1 – The perfect APK modification, hack/mod app for every gamer.

App summary

34 Mb
Android 4.1

About Gameguardian


Gameguardian is an APK modification software commonly used by gamers to MOD/Hack games. Game Guardian’s efficiency reaches over 80% for offline games.In online games, especially money-making online games, the efficiency is also extremely high, never less than 10%. Gameguardian was developed by a team of developers including @d2dyno, @Enyby, @Trasd and @Aqua. Initially, this software was only used by people in the group. However, because of its effective level of operation, Gameguardian gradually became more popular among the gaming community. Currently, Gameguardian is trusted by many gamers to download to support their own gaming process. Especially in the money games, ranked games, the important game battles directly affect the player’s rank. A limitation of this application is that it only supports well on Android operating system and some emulators. If you use a device with iOS operating system, it is very difficult to download and install this application on your device.

Gameguardian Highlights

Gameguardian allows Android users to have more comprehensive control over all the important aspects of the game with ease. You do not need to be a gamer with in-depth knowledge of computer software to smoothly use Gameguardian to hack or mod games as you like. With Gameguardian, players can use the manufacturer’s own APK to exchange coins for money used in the game. This will be a very good source of capital to help you make the most profit without spending money. This software also allows players to manually change the pace of the game to speed up or slow down. Change your positions in the game map correctly.

taigameguardian apk

Gameguardian runs well on most ARM, x86, x64 platforms. Users can also download and run this application on emulators such as Leapdroid, BlueStacks, Droid4X, Memu, Nox, Koplayer, AMIDuOS, Windroye, Andy, PhoenixOS, Genymotion, RemixOS,… smoothly. The most outstanding feature of Gameguardian is the ability to decode levels to help gamers “level up” as quickly as possible without having to spend time doing side quests or waiting for unlocking time. Currently, along with its increasingly rapid development, Gameguardian has added more than 90 languages ​​​​in the world, including Vietnamese to support the maximum users. Gameguardian’s download capacity is also extremely light, without affecting your memory and existing applications on the device. Especially when downloading Gameguardian at iGameHot, you do not need to root your device.


Although it is a game application outside the Google Play Store, Gameguadian still receives attention and appreciation. Up to now, Gameguardian is the hacking application, game mod with the most downloads and installs today. At the same time, this is also an application that many players recommend to use to hack games to ensure the safety of users.

Link to download Gameguardian Full APK to Android

At our website you can easily download Gameguardian . The game has removed signatures and ads. Fastest download speed and no virus!

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