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Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK v0.7.137 (Unlimited Prizes, God Mode) v0.7.137 Download

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Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Prizes, God Mode) is a very hot arena style bomb game today. Bring your Bomb Bots to the online arena to battle and claim your name on the global leaderboard. The game mode in the game is always attractive and desirable, let’s learn this game with iGameHot.

App summary

Bomb Bots Arena
Tiny Roar
164 Mb
Android 6.0
MOD Features
Unlimited Prizes, God Mode

Introduction to Bomb Bots Arena

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Bomb Bots Arena is an arcade game with classic style and fun gameplay that has been released by Tiny Roar on Google Play. If you’ve played Bomb Chicken or Angry Birds 2 – Bombing games that I have introduced before, you will notice the similarities and differences between them. Players will participate in intense bombing battles in a maze, whoever survives last will win. A game that is not too new in terms of gameplay but will certainly bring unique and new experiences right on your phone.


When participating in the match, the player will be taken to an arena that includes dangerous obstacles, mazes, and many other special things. Gamers need to place the bomb in the appropriate place in the arena and make the enemy stop at that trap. They will be blown up without being able to counterattack.

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Besides attacking, be careful in every move to avoid being fouled. When encountering bomb crates or obstacles, you need to jump over them to escape or put pressure on your opponent. After all, the goal of every player is to destroy everyone else to win themselves.

Special Features

Bomb Bots Arena will have some special features in each match. For example, in the center of the arena, there is a spiral. If entered, the player will be taken to a certain location. This contributes to a variety of tactics that each player can use to deceive the enemy. In addition, with bomb crates, they can create a large explosion. Energy items will help players move faster.In particular, the characters in Bomb Bots Arena can use skills. This is a rare thing in a classic-style bomb game like this one. Different Bombermans have different skills, so each player can flexibly change their tactics to suit each character they own. Although it is not possible to upgrade skills or integrate more weapons, the characters in the game can be customized in appearance. Arms, legs, skins, hats and special accessories for each character are available at the store.Of course, players need money to buy because they are not free.

Game Mode

bomb bots arena mod apk

Currently, Bomb Bots Arena has 4 game modes including Brawl, Rumble, Custom and Royale.With Brawl, this is the default mode with few players simultaneously participating in a match. This place is suitable for beginners because there are not too many strong opponents, and there are also very few obstacles and dangers. Meanwhile, Rumble seems to be a bit more difficult than Brawl. As an 8-player mode with more challenges, it requires players to pay a little attention to tactical gameplay. However, it is not too complicated for new players. If you are an experienced player, you can try Custom mode. Here, players can customize the number of participants, maps, time, weapons, character skills, in each match. Besides, you can organize a playground for your friends and invite them to join.Just enter the room number to enter your own arena. This is really interesting, isn’t it? Finally, with Royale mode, I still don’t have much information about it. However, in the next updated versions of Bomb Bots Arena, players will have the opportunity to experience.

Simple controls

Players need to swipe on the screen to move, place bombs and perform other operations. It can be seen that, despite the new gameplay, the control of the game is not too complicated. Players can access it easily from the first experience. However, instead of worrying about the control system, there will be many factors that players need to keep in mind during a match. It’s not only tactics, character skills but also an element of chance.

Excellent graphics

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Bomb Bots Arena brings a new graphic style to the classic bomb game. The characters have been changed into powerful robots instead of humans like the old games. At the same time, the arena of the match is also depicted very vividly, colorfully and airy with a top-down view. Besides, the sound is also quite good, contributing to an interesting and realistic experience.

Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Infinite Prizes.
  • Immortal (God Mode).

How to install Bomb Bots Arena

You can download the original APK and MOD APK file of Bomb Bots Arena for free at the link below the article.

Please follow these steps to install.

Step 1: Download Bomb Bots Arena (MOD APK) from iGameHot.Net.

Step 2: Go to settings -> advanced and enable the feature to allow unknown applications to work on the device.

Step 3: Install MOD APK and experience.


Bomb Bots Arena is a great choice for gamers who love the classic bombing gameplay. This game offers thrilling arenas and fierce races between players around the globe. Get ready to join this race and win the championship.

Download Bomb Bots Arena MOD APK for Android

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