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Temple Run 2 MOD APK v1.82.1 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Download and install Temple Run 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – you will discover ancient tombs on an adventurous adventure and run away from the monsters chasing behind.

App summary

Temple Run 2
Imangi Studios
90 Mb
Android 4.1
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

About Temple Run 2

templerun 2 apk

The non-stop running game genre has never cooled down. And the birth of Temple Run 2 Mod is a proof of that. Immediately after its launch, the number of people downloading the game reached millions of people on Google Play. This number rapidly increased over the years until now. Not stopping there, the idea of ​​unlimited running entertainment is getting more and more upgraded day by day. And Temple Run version 2 is all I want to say. The game is released by Imangi Studios with attractive gameplay and many new features that promise to bring players many interesting experiences.


temple run 2 apk

The plot of Temple Run 2 originates from an ancient civilization located in Central and South America about 1000 years ago. The neighboring country of the maya empire. According to legend, before abandoning the human world, the gods left behind rare golden statues. The people of this ancient civilization believed that hidden deep within the statues was a limitless power. It could represent the power of those gods. To make sure these statues were in the right hands, the gods sent monkeys to look after them. Whoever overcomes it has the power of the statue. Therefore, these monkeys are only allowed to hang around the temples of the gods, not go far to harm innocent people. Every year, people in this kingdom hold contests to find out who has enough strength to take the statue. The person who has that power must train hard, with super endurance running skills.


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Entering the world of Temple Run 2 Mod, players will transform into an ancient temple explorer. When you encounter a monster, you will have to run fast, overcome many obstacles to become the most powerful person. Flexible use of operations such as swiping right, left, up, down in the direction the character runs to avoid rocks, logs… The interesting point of Temple Run 2 is that there is no end point. So you have to run non-stop and try to earn as many points for yourself. Pick up the coins on the way.Use them to buy necessary items such as: Invisibility, Mega Coins, Coins Magnet… When you accumulate enough coins, players can use it to unlock characters with more eye-catching appearance. Here are the features of the obtained item:

  • Invisibility: This item will allow the player to run a long distance without any obstacles in the way.
  • Coins Magnet: Coins on both sides will be sucked in by you without having to jump over.
  • Mega Coins: Multiply the value of the coins you collect along the way.

The difficulty of the game will increase over time, along with a series of missions and titles waiting for you to conquer. Temple Run version 2 for Android has a fast tempo, requiring players to concentrate and react as accurately as possible.

The highlight of this game

  • Drama, attractive gameplay, character control only through the touch of buttons.
  • Realistic sound effects in every detail.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics designed from the back view.
  • The fast pace of the game makes the player feel more excited.
  • Various characters to unlock.
  • Diverse achievement system table to motivate players to strive.

Graphics and sound

temple run 2 mod apk

Temple Run 2 impresses players with extremely vividly designed graphics. It can be said that the publisher has taken great care of his “brainchild”. Every detail such as sprinting tracks, scenes of players hitting obstacles to the image of a four-legged monster chasing you is meticulously designed. Open up a hidden world with many mysteries waiting for you to discover! The sound in Temple Run 2 is very special. Sometimes you will feel scared when you hear the sound of monsters approaching you. Just its howl makes your heart flutter. However, it is also the driving force that urges you to overcome obstacles and run fast to preserve your life.

Temple Run 2 MOD APK Version

Install iGameHot’s Temple Run 2 MOD version to be able to use unlimited money.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlock all characters.


Temple Run 2 MOD APK is more appreciated than the first version from graphics to sound. Thrilling chases on the fast-paced music make players try their best.Life and impressive achievement titles are achieved or not depends on your efforts. What are you waiting for, “run now” with Temple Run 2!

Download Temple Run 2 MOD APK for Android

At our website you can easily download Temple Run 2 . The game has removed signatures and ads. Fastest download speed and no virus!

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