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Arrog APK 1.0 (Paid) for Android

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Join the adventure and mystery world of Arrog APK, the game from the famous publisher Playdigious. This is a rare game that possesses a unique hand-drawn graphic style with a black and white background and traditional animations. Curious about this game?

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Android 5.0
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About Arrog

Arrog is the next game in Playdigious’s collection of mobile games. Playdigious is a global publisher with a wide range of games of all genres. Although most of their games require a fee, this does not diminish their popularity in the gaming community.

And so is Arrog. Currently, Arrog is available on both Google Play and the App Store, for around $3.38.This is not a very expensive price, but you need a VISA card to pay. So iGameHot gives you the MOD version of Arrog at the link at the end of the post. You can download and experience it for free, this version has special features that every gamer has come to expect.


Arrog is a simple adventure game that combines puzzle elements. Specifically, players will participate in the game’s plot and help the main character in the plot to make his journey. It is a journey through mysterious dreams, surrounded by darkness and only a few rare rays of light from the stars. So what is the purpose of this? It is really unclear and only when officially experienced does the player understand the meaning of the journey. In a world full of darkness, players need to follow instructions from the light of the stars. However, they can be interrupted and players need to find a way to connect their paths in order to continue their journey. The puzzle pieces will be displayed on the screen and the player’s task is to find the matching piece.It’s like simple interactive and logic based puzzles. So you probably won’t have much trouble.

Endless journey

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Playtime usually lasts about 20-30 minutes, but Arrog’s story is endless. It doesn’t seem to have an end point but stops if the player can’t solve the puzzle. So, to enjoy the endless journey in the game, make sure you choose the right pieces to connect the path of the guiding star. There will be many mysteries to be discovered at each stage. Through it, players can get a clear understanding of the story that Arrog brings, that is, the meaning of death and what it represents, based on Latin American folklore.


There are no specific characters in Arrog, which sets it apart from other adventure games of its kind. The characters are depicted as simple hand-drawn lines, shaped but not detailed. They represent different types of people, existing in the game’s world to lead the player into the storyline that the game offers. There are many different characters that appear at the beginning of the game, they contribute to “drawing” the context of the story.

Sound Music

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I want to talk a little bit about the background music in Arrog because this is a carefully invested element that contributes to the attraction of the game. The soundtracks are classical musical tunes throughout the character’s journey, but they’re handcrafted to dynamically change depending on the scene. Sometimes it’s gentle and deep, but sometimes it’s climactic and exciting. Therefore, the player’s emotions are also flexible to change according to each segment of the story, thereby immersing themselves in the diverse world of Pride.

How to control?

Arrog owns a fairly simple control system, so it does not require the player to manipulate too much. The plot will run continuously from left to right, and the character will automatically move in the direction of the star indicating the direction. When encountering a puzzle, players just need to touch the answer and drag it to the appropriate position. After that, the journey would continue and things would go on like that. Also, there are no function buttons on the screen.Therefore, the game interface is very open, players can comfortably experience Arrog right from the first time.


It must be said that Arrog’s graphic style is really unique and different from all games of the same genre. It does not possess excellent 3D graphics, the photos are not too detailed and sharp, the background is not too diverse. However, what makes Arrog unique is the ancient hand-drawn art style with black and white backgrounds and animations. The effects in the game are quite smooth and lively, contributing to the highlight on the black background of the game. Moreover, as I mentioned above, music is a great way to create charisma.

Arrog MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Paid: Free to Play.


Join Arrog’s journey to enjoy the wordless story with melodious and captivating music. It was a mysterious but meaningful and memorable journey. Many secrets will be discovered with the direction of the stars and puzzles. Solve logic puzzles with your own observations and deductions to continue the journey. Each level opens up a new part of Arrog’s storyline, so if you want to fully understand it, skip to the last part. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in this game, are you ready?

Download Arrog APK for Android

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