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Free Fire Space 2021– Get 99 999 Diamonds & Skins

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Free Fire Space 2021 – Free Fire Space – GET 99 999 Diamond & Skin (gun, car, backpack, parachute) for free. Free Fire Space – Recently, Garena Free Fire lovers and gamers are very shocked by the appearance of one of the applications to receive high-end items of FF game, which is Free Fire Space.

free fire space

App summary

Free Fire Space
FF Space
51 Mb
Android 4.0
MOD Features
Get 99 999 diamond, skin pack

What is Free Fire Space?

Free Fire Space is an app to get premium items for free, from skin packs, emots, weapons to diamonds. Of course, many Garena Free Fire game lovers have flocked to try this site to be able to get the items offered for free. All the cool skins in Free Fire game like weapon skins, skin packs, emojis and others have been embedded in Free Fire Space. To get all these items, you just need to claim, the item will automatically be deposited into your Free Fire account. Of course, with Free Fire Space is very beneficial for those of you who like to collect cool skins in the Free Fire game. For those of you interested in using this app, it would be great if you read the iGameHot review below.

freefire space 2021

Free Fire Space 2021 – Get 99 999 Diamond free

Free Fire Space is an application to receive 99999 diamonds and diamonds in Free Fire. You can get free premium items like weapon skins, skin packs, diamonds. To be able to receive all these items, you just need to log in to your social network account, specifically Facebook, then the item will automatically be sent to your Free Fire account. More interestingly, Free Fire Space 2021 can be obtained for free by all Free Fire game lovers, so don’t be surprised if many free fire gamers have tried their luck by joining the app. But it’s a pity that FF Space is not an official site owned by Garena, this of course is not necessarily true and the truth is still in doubt.

Items found in FF Space on some other websites may cause scams and cause you to lose your account. So, I recommend you to use the version Free Fire Space that IGAMEHOT provided under this article for absolute safety.

What features does Free Fire Space have?

As I explained above, the Free Fire Space site offers a lot of premium items for free. For more details, please just see the review below.

Get Free Diamonds

Free Fire Diamonds are one of the essential items for Free Fire players.With 99 999 diamonds you can make purchases like weapon skins, emotes and more. But to be able to get this Free Fire diamond for free is not as easy as we think. Of course, with Free Fire Space, you will greatly benefit from getting a large number of Free Fire diamonds for free. Also, if you want to get more than 99 999 diamonds you can use free fire diamond hack that I introduced yesterday.

Skin Pack – Skin Pack

Next comes the skin pack, owning one of these skins is definitely one of the joys of Garena Free Fire players. But to receive a skin pack, of course, you must pre-purchase it in the Garena Free Fire store. But you can get all the cool item packs in Garena Free Fire by downloading this Free Fire Scenic for free without any purchase. There are many skin packs in this application that you can get as you want.

More than 50 Car Skins

In the latest event, Free Fire also offers a lot of cool car skins, with the presence of Free Fire Space, you can get various car skins for free without paying any fee.

100+ Gun Skins

FF Space also provides many different weapon skins like MP40 Flashing, Underworld Rapper M1887, AK Blue Flame Draco, M1014 Apocalyptic Red, M1014 Apocalyptic Red and many more for free. To be able to get all the free weapon skins, you must first login with your facebook account. Then claim the prize according to what you want.

Umbrella skin

Not only that, the FF Space free spin diamond offers a wide selection of parachute skins that you can get by using this one site for free. To be able to receive the skin though you need to enter the application and receive the prize as you like.

Skin Backpack

Gerena Free Fire has introduced many different types of backpacks that you can buy. However, with the arrival of the FF Space app, users can get free backpack skins in the Garena shop.See more:

Other premium items

In fact, there are many more premium items offered by Free Fire Space that you can get for free. For those of you who do not want to miss this application, you can immediately refer to the following steps.

Free Fire Space get 999999 diamonds, Skin Bundle

To be able to get weapon skins, skin packs and even Fire diamonds for free using Free Fire Space, you have to do different steps below.

    1. First step, download FreeFire.Space app first.
    2. Then in the menu, a selection of Free Fire items will appear that you can get for free.
    3. Select one of the items you want like weapon skins, packs, parachute skins, vehicle skins, and diamonds.
    4. If you have selected, just click GET.
    5. Then enter the Free Fire account you are using.
    6. Don’t forget to select the device you are using iOS, Android, tablet or windows.
    7. Wait a few seconds for the process to complete.
    8. Then please click confirm and verify by clicking the Verify Now.
    9. Once the verification is actually successful, the item will be automatically deposited into your Free Fire account.
    10. Done.

Can FF Space get free diamonds & skins?

Many players who love Garena Free Fire have questioned whether it is true that Free Fire Space can receive free skins and diamonds? Users when using the fake FreeFire.Space website have responded to me that ”

After I tried to get free skins and diamonds, I failed the verification process and the prizes I requested have not been sent to our Free Fire account.

So it can be concluded that the FreeFire.Space website is probably a fake web offering free premium item bonuses in the game Garena Free Fire. Therefore, you should download the Free Fire Space application that IGAMEHOT provides below to ensure the safety of your account.

downloadfree fire space

How to connect to Free Fire Space?

For those of you who are unable to connect your account to Free Fire Space, please make sure that the internet connection you are using is stable. Because the FF Space Spin Diamond app has thousands of concurrent users, this makes the Free Fire Space app slow and unusable. So please download the backup FF Space 2021 version at LINK DOWNLOAD 2.

Is it safe to use FF Space 2021?

Maybe many people want to ask, is the Free Fire Space app safe to use? My answer is definitely safe. There have been many successful users before I posted to share this application. Evaluation of how FF Space works, if you want a secure account, use a secondary nick to connect, this is for the purpose of avoiding your account data being stolen. However, the majority of accounts using Free Fire Space successfully received skins and diamonds. The choice is up to you!


Maybe that’s all we can say about Free Fire Space. An app to get Free Fire skins and diamonds that is extremely rare and known only to some players. If you want to get free items, don’t hesitate because Garena may fix it at any time.

Download Free Fire Space 2021 for Android

At our website you can easily download Free Fire Space . The game has removed signatures and ads. Fastest download speed and no virus!

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