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When it comes to the shooter genre, in addition to extremely famous names like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, it is impossible not to mention the super product Cyber ​​Hunter (MOD unlimited money) by NetEase Games. This game has a Battle Royale style, quite similar to Call of Duty Mobile Garena.

App summary

Cyber Hunter
NetEase Games
100 Mb
Android 4.1
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

About Cyber ​​Hunter

gamecyber hunter

Game Cyber ​​Hunter takes you to a distant, chaotic future, where scientific technology is more popular than ever, especially quantum technology. Humans in this future world have become warriors called Hunters who have the ability to manipulate quantum energy to build complex structures in an instant. As a hunter, you need to use this power to create towers for defense, create traps and radars to hold and detect enemies, and more. To do this, you must earn energy from blocks called Quantum Cubes by breaking various objects on the battlefield. Join Cyber ​​Hunter now to discover other elements of this game, not only a shooter but also other elements such as survival and construction.


cyber hunter game

Still carrying the familiar gameplay from the Battle Royale genre, but Cyber ​​Hunter has improved and combined with the sandbox genre, creating a unique gameplay that combines shooting, survival and construction. In the game, hundreds of players fight to the death on an island. You are brought here by plane and need to use all your abilities to survive, including finding weapons, building defense towers.

Find weapons and build a fortress

Weapons in the game are built completely new because of the open world setting in the future, so you will definitely enjoy. And to build defensive or offensive buildings, you need quantum energy. Destroy some structures such as street lights, fences, tables and chairs, get quantum energy. Remember, skill and tactics are two important factors to decide your victory. Try to get many powerful guns and many Quantum Cubes to create your own fortresses. Examples include quantum barriers, invisible force fields, optical camouflage or fire support.


To bring the best experience to gamers, NetEase designed 3D graphics for Cyber ​​Hunter, no less than 3D games on PC.

tai cyber hunterapk

At first glance, you will see that Cyber ​​​​Hunter’s visual style and graphic details are very similar to Fortnite, both in terms of character creation and in-game colors. But over time you will see that this graphic background has many unique features such as a more advanced weapon system, a more diverse and eye-catching vehicle system. In particular, the super car in the game gives you the feeling of playing a top 3D racing game, not a survival game. This 3D graphics is a highlight when it comes to Cyber ​​Hunter.

The highlight of this game

  • Easily pair with other players and join the battle in lightning speed.
  • There are many choices of game modes to help you never get bored.
  • As a genuine survival game, you will be jumping from a plane into the quantum world with 90 other players.
  • The variety of weapons, equipment, armor, ammo is scattered all over the map.
  • Create buildings to defend as well as attack enemies with energy from Cube Quantum.
  • The map in the game is extremely detailed and unique.You can explore waterfalls, temples, swamps to find items.
  • The 3D graphics are quite impressive.

Cyber ​​Hunter MOD APK version

cyberhunter mod for android

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Ammo.


With more than 10 million downloads, you must have realized how hot this game is. If you want to experience a game similar to Fortnite or Free Fire then Cyber ​​Hunter will be the right choice.reason.

Download Cyber ​​Hunter MOD APK for Android

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