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Stickman Escape: Choice Story MOD APK is a fun adventure game.Here, players will overcome a series of difficult situations to help the character complete the assigned challenges.Transforming into a stick guy named Lupin, do you have a perfect plan to help this guy escape the encirclement of the enemy?In this article, let’s learn more about the game.

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Stickman Escape: Choice Story
ABI Global LTD
Android 4.0
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About Stickman Escape: Choice Story

In this game, players will begin to participate in missions through the control of Lupine – an excellent intelligence agent of MI6.This guy is tracking a mysterious kidnapping involving a strange girl and decides to track the criminals to their base.Your mission is simply to help this guy finish the game perfectly by overcoming all the enemies.In fact, the publisher ABI Global LTD has brought a lot of challenges as well as diverse levels for players to freely explore.Get ready for this classic adventure by downloading Stickman Escape: Choice Story through the App Store or Google Play now.

Lots of interesting scenarios

Stickman Escape: Choice Story is a fun interactive game where players will make informed choices to help the protagonist overcome obstacles in each level.Accordingly, you will need to overcome many different challenges if you want to rescue the girl from the captivity of the perpetrators.Each hypothetical situation in the game will give you 2 or 3 different options.The important thing is that only 1 of them is correct and helps you to complete the available challenge.All the player needs to do is just touch the icon available on the screen and observe the next development of the story.Sometimes seemingly simple choices help you win instead of overthinking.A lot of different scenarios will happen in this game, so be prepared to receive them in the best way.Besides, you have plenty of time to think before making a final decision.

Stickman Escape Choice Story MOD

Go through more difficult levels

The levels in the game will take place in ascending order.The first levels are quite easy so you can pass quickly.Gradually, things will become more difficult through a lot of possible situations with the main character.Therefore, smart and accurate decisions from players will be the most important factor to complete the challenge.Stickman Escape: Choice Story allows players to kill terrorists to pass certain tests.Don’t worry, you can start the level again at any time until the challenge is completed.Even so, we recommend completing the level in a single playthrough to keep the fun of the game intact.

The element of surprise always appears

Basically, Stickman Escape: Choice Story is a game with typical interactive gameplay, so you will always be surprised with every situation that happens in the game.More specifically, the choices that come directly from the player will lead the story to different details.This will give you excitement throughout the experience.Besides, pay attention to situations that are too obvious, sometimes things are too simple, the more easily you are fooled.Typically the situation at level 5, you will have two choices between giving the gun to the enemy and drawing the gun to shoot him immediately.If you choose to shoot him, you will definitely lose, because the other defenders will not give you a chance to survive.Conversely, if you distract him by giving him a gun, the character will perform an attack and take the enemy by surprise.

Eye-catching 2D graphics

The graphic quality of Stickman Escape: Choice Story is only in 2D, but what is shown on the screen is really great.Players will feel like they are transforming into a stickman through the described scene similar to reality.Moreover, the context in the game also changes continuously after each level.If you play games on low-spec devices, don’t worry too much.Because this game has a fairly light capacity and works stably on many different devices.

Stickman Escape: Choice Story MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money

Download Stickman Escape: Choice Story MOD APK for Android

Stickman Escape: Choice Story MOD APK is really one of the most addictive stickman style games at the moment.Whether you are a lover of puzzle games or any mind game, this will be the choice for you.However, this game will appear quite a lot of ads to help publishers increase profits instead of trading in-game products.So if you lose, then you need to watch at least one ad before starting over.

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