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Download Kika Keyboard 2021 Mod (Remove Ads) The need to replace keyboards on mobile devices is becoming more and more popular and loved by many users.How to change default keyboard?Let Kika Keyboard 2021 help you do it now.

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Kika Keyboard 2021
Kika AI Team
21 Mb
Android 4.0
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About Kika Keyboard 2021

kika keyboard 2021apk

For demanding users, using the default keyboard system from the machine will make them feel uncomfortable.Most mobile manufacturers have built-in keyboards, but sometimes they are not really suitable for the vast majority of users.Therefore, applications that allow to change the default keyboard were born to give users more choices.Kika Keyboard 2021 is the only product of the publisher Kika AI Team up to the present time.Basically, the main effect of this application is to help users own more intuitive and personalized keyboard interfaces.

Change the look of your keyboard

Basically, Kika Keyboard 2021 will help users make keyboard changes quickly.With just a few simple taps, your keyboard has become new and much more relevant than the default.Accordingly, the keystroke features will be similar to normal operations, so it will not take you too long to get used to.Not only that, this application also allows users to change the font and font size to suit their needs.This feature is extremely necessary because many users have difficulty entering text due to the size of their fingers.Moreover, changing the font will also make everything new.

Needs access to the device

Like other apps of the same genre, Kika Keyboard 2021 needs device permission to work effectively.Instead of using the default keyboard, users can select the keyboard from this application through the device’s settings.Of course, this process will be quick and won’t take too much of your time.Just sign in to the app, then select the keyboard you want to use.The main screen will immediately show the notification bar and you just need to press OK to have the new keyboard immediately.

Personalize everything

kika keyboard 2021mod apk

Have you ever thought about personalizing the default keyboard?With Kika Keyboard 2021 everything will become simpler than ever.When using this application, users can personalize the keyboard color, keystroke tones, fonts, etc. with just a few simple steps.Moreover, you can change your keyboard layout with this app easily.This will make the keyboard more suitable for different devices like phones or tablets.

Fast input support

For slow typing users, don’t worry.The features of Kika Keyboard 2021 will help you do this easily.The app has built-in sliding keyboard input, which means you can simply swipe the letters you want to form a meaningful letter.Besides, the intelligent error correction feature will also help your data entry process to reduce errors.In other words, it will completely eliminate your typos, of course, no matter how smart the tool is, there are certain errors.In addition, if you do not want to enter data manually, users can also use their voice to create different pieces of text.

Compatible with many languages ​​in the world

Every language in the world is developed in different keyboard styles so that users can use it in a familiar way.Realizing this problem, Kika Keyboard 2021 has integrated a lot of different languages ​​into its keyboards.Includes English, French, Italian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, German, and more.In the future, more keyboard layouts will be continuously added to make this app more popular.

Basic User Interface

The simplicity of the interface also partly helps Kika Keyboard 2021 gain an advantage over other applications of the same genre.Accordingly, the interface design of this application is relatively intuitive, demonstrating utility for users.The main features are arranged very logically on the user’s screen, through which the user can find the right features for his needs.Overall, the overall look and feel of this app is really in harmony with the many different colors presented.

Kika Keyboard 2021 Version MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Delete Ads.

Kika Keyboard 2021 is one of the most comprehensive keyboard changers available today with the great features it brings.The comprehensiveness of this application not only stops at many features but also gives users the freedom to personalize everything.Accordingly, you only need a few simple steps to instantly create a keyboard that suits your needs.Are you excited about what this app has to offer?

Download Kika Keyboard 2021 MOD APK for Android

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