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The latest part of the Defense Legend series has officially appeared on the Android platform with the name Defense Legend 4 MOD APK.When joining the game, players will still explore the battles in space with the task of defending their base against the onslaught of the enemy.Do not ignore this game if you are a lover of the tactical defense game genre.

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Defense Legend 4
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Android 5.0
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Defense Legend 4 – Join the battle to protect the Earth

After the success of previous versions, the publisher Gcenter decided to develop a completely new version based on the existing highlights.From there, players will participate in battles with familiar tower defense missions.The gameplay of Defense Legend 4 will not change too much compared to the tower defense games on the market today, with many types of defense towers and enemies.

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However, the change will come from a much more modern, built-in defense system.If you want to know the exciting improvements related to this game, try to get Defense Legend 4 on the App Store or Google Play to discover for yourself.Besides, you can also download the MOD APK of Defense Legend 4 at IGAMEHOT to use unlimited gold coins.

Smooth storyline

Continuing the story of the previous parts, Defense Legend 4 will bring players to the fierce battle between humanity and The Dark.Although in season 3, The Dark’s army was neutralized by human unity and consensus, but they still did not give up their plan to invade the earth.So The Dark sent more powerful armies to attack the human base in various ways.From air, road, waterway to underground…

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Faced with this situation, players need to act immediately if they don’t want things to get worse.In Defense Legend 4, you will perform the job of a leader, calculating the cost to build defenses.From there, prevent a strong attack from the opponent with his quick calculation and adaptation.Be really careful because the enemy army is much more prepared than in previous versions.

Simple gameplay

Basically, the gameplay of Defense Legend 4 is relatively easy to understand whether you are a new player or have enjoyed similar games before.By joining the game, the player can see the number of enemy troops that will attack the base and the number of defensive towers available.From there, you will think of ways to place suitable defensive towers to prevent attacks from enemy troops.Each weapon will be equipped with different power.So you need to choose a location to optimize the advantages of each type.In addition, the enemy troops in Defense Legend 4 have many different types with separate movement speed and defense ability.This means that players need to observe and calculate everything properly if they do not want to lose.After completing the level, you will receive valuable rewards to upgrade the defense tower before starting the next level.

Unlock new heroes and defense towers

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As mentioned above, Defense Legend 4 offers many defense towers with many different uses.The more defensive towers placed on the map, the player’s defense will be significantly increased.Typically, sniper turrets have the ability to shoot continuously but have poor firepower, not high damage, flamethrowers, have very strong firepower, and do high damage.Besides tower defense, the hero system in Defense Legend 4 will also help your base withstand waves of enemies.Although newly added in the previous version, the heroes have proven their fearsome power.Each hero has a unique skill.Moreover, they can move around the map instead of standing still like a defensive tower.Take advantage of heroes to make your defense more flexible.

Explore new maps

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The number of maps and terrains in Defense Legend 4 is also significantly improved when bringing a lot of different terrains.Thereby, players will have the opportunity to fight on harsh lands such as deserts, forests, or even snow-covered mountains.Each type of terrain will bring its own advantages and disadvantages.So you should learn about them carefully to be able to arrange appropriate defense.In addition, Defense Legend 4 also has a rewind mode to increase or decrease the game speed.This will help players speed up the game to save time for themselves.

Defense Legend 4 MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlock all heroes.
  • Unlock all defense towers.


Defense Legend 4 MOD APK is a strategic tower defense game with strong improvements compared to previous versions.You will discover fascinating battles, demonstrate your strategic abilities by completing assigned missions.Besides beautiful graphics, this game also stands out thanks to its simplicity, lightness plus a little calculation when experiencing.This wonderful blend will surely bring you moments of unforgettable experience.

Download Defense Legend 4 MOD APK for Android

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