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Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK (Unlimited Lives, Moves) is the most outstanding traditional match-3 game of all time, published by King in October 2018. Currently, you can download the game for free onGoogle Play and App Store.But first, let’s learn a few things about this game with iGameHot right now.

App summary

Candy Crush Friends Saga
96 Mb
Android 4.4
MOD Features
Vô hạn Lives, Moves

Introduction to Candy Crush Friends Saga

candy crush friends saga apk

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a variation of Candy Crush Saga, this game retains the same gameplay compared to the original version.Players will perform swipes on the screen to match at least 3 of the same candies, then these candies will automatically break and the player will win a certain number of points.In particular, you can combine them vertically or horizontally depending on certain cases.At the same time, if you combine 4 or 5 similar candies, it will form a special candy and it has terrible destructive power.So think carefully before you act.Give a chance to match as many candies as possible.Pay attention to your moves as they are limited and if you want more moves you will have to spend gold to buy.

In each level, your mission will be different.This will create a novelty for players to feel more excited after completing a certain level.After each winning game screen, you will receive valuable rewards and this will certainly be the common goal of all players when participating in Candy Crush Friends Saga.Do not miss the fascinating things waiting for you in this game.

New innovation

candy crush friends saga mod apk

Looking at the name Candy Crush Friends Saga, the most obvious difference with Candy Crush Saga is “Friends”.That’s right, when participating in this latest game of the publisher King, players will experience interesting levels with funny companions.They are extremely funny characters with flexible and cute expressions.In particular, each character will have a unique ability and they can help you a lot in each level.Specifically, some characters have special candies that help you destroy most of the candies in each level, or some other characters have the ability to throw fish to destroy a small area.

Moreover, after completing 10 certain levels, the player will receive a gift box that contains “experience” to level up your character.The more you upgrade, the stronger the character will become and this will give you an advantage in the process of solving the scenarios of this game.However, do not be too dependent on the character because every move of the player is a premise to overcome many levels from easy to difficult.Look closely and arrange the candies logically.

Extremely diverse

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Since its official release on the mobile platform, Candy Crush Friends Saga has more than 400 different levels.Moreover, to develop its product, publisher King has constantly updated many new modes, to bring unique challenges to the player’s experience.Specifically, in addition to the old game screen, players will have the opportunity to enjoy the difficulty levels increased many times.

1.Animal RescueTo rescue the animals trapped under the candies, you must match the candies of the same color.With each combination, the animals in the area adjacent to the candy will be released.And so on until all puzzles are cleared, the animals will be completely rescued.

2.Release the octopusIn this part, there is more difference, when you need to rescue the octopus stuck in the jelly.

3.Dunk The CookiesThis is said to be the most difficult puzzle when you have to skillfully arrange the candies so that all the Cookies fall down.Timeline will be counted down when you do not complete the number of Cookies increases significantly.

3D Graphics

candy crush friends saga apk download

Products from the publisher King always give players a feeling of comfort and relaxation thanks to their cute graphic design.This game owns a beautiful 3D graphics platform with detailed images.The characters in the game have lovely looks and flexible expressions.Along with that, the color system is also extremely diverse and has quite a harmonious combination.It can be said that the graphics of this game are a contributing factor to the success at the present time.

Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK Version

MOD Features

  • Infinite Lives.
  • Infinite Moves.

How to install the MOD APK?

Step 1: Download the MOD APK of Candy Crush Friends Saga from iGameHot.

Step 2: On your Android phone, open the downloaded file.

Step 3: Click Settings.Wait for the process to finish, a logo icon with the words “Candy Crush Friends Saga by iGameHot.Net” will appear.


Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK owns the familiar match-3 gameplay of the Candy Crush Saga series from the famous publisher – King.However, this game still proves attractive with new modes and challenges.Along with that, its graphics platform is also invested extremely carefully to bring the best quality experience to players.In addition, the game works even offline and online.So you can experience it anytime, anywhere without an Internet connection for your device.What are you waiting for?Join the sweet candy world with cute friends right now.

Download Candy Crush Friends Saga APK (MOD Lives, Moves)

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