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The fierce stickman war is waiting for you to discover in Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – the latest version of the famous Anger of Stick game released by NESM.In the article below, iGameHot will help you better understand this game.In addition, you can also refer to some other stickman-style games like League of Stickman or Stickman The Flash is available on the website.

App summary

Anger of Stick 5
36 Mb
Android 4.4

About Anger of Stick 5

anger of stickman 5 apk

The stickman-style game is no longer too strange for players at the present time.But have you ever thought about combining stickman and zombie in one game?That’s right, the game I want to talk about is Anger of Stick 5. This is a game with the perfect combination of stickman and zombie elements, promising to bring players extremely interesting experiences.So, it is not too difficult to understand that at the present time it has quickly achieved more than 100 million installs on Google Play.


Coming to Anger of Stick 5, you will participate in an extremely fierce stickman fight.Enemies appear in crowds in the streets and turn innocent people into experimental tools.There have been many people turned into dangerous zombies, through which they lost consciousness and were ready to attack the innocent people in the city.This is really a great moment for you to become a real hero and rescue the city from its current state.Of course, even if you are not ready, you still become the hero in this game.Your task is quite simple, that is to destroy all zombies appearing on the map and rescue as many people as possible.It sounds easy but we believe it will take you quite a while to become a hero in Anger of Stick 5.


anger of stickman 5 mod apk

Initially, players will be challenged with relatively weak opponents to get used to the operation of the game.Basically, Anger of Stick 5 still has the usual role-playing genre, so players will still control their character through the built-in virtual buttons on the screen.Each virtual button shows up with a different icon, so it won’t take too long to master.After completing a certain number of levels, the player will be summoned some other stickman to help him in the battle.You can gather up to 6 teammates with unique fighting styles and unique weapons to wipe out enemies from the vicinity.Note, you can only use up to 3 characters in a battle, so consider carefully before deciding to choose.

Increasing difficulty

After the first game screen, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase to help players always feel excited when experiencing.This means that players will have to try harder during the battle if they want to win the final.Besides, each level in Anger of Stick 5 is built completely differently.Therefore, you will not be able to guess what will be waiting for you in the next levels.Overall, there are more than 60 levels with increasing difficulty waiting for you to explore in this game.

System Upgrade

anger of stickman 5 hack

Although players can own up to 6 characters during the game experience.But only 3 people in a battle can get EXP.These EXP points will accumulate until you reach the required stats.Your character will be upgraded and possess much stronger stats than before.Players can use 3 characters for a specific tool to optimize their power.Or you can also rotate the spinner so they fight and get EXP after each battle.This will help all 6 characters have more equal strength.Of course, you will have full discretion, do what you think is most appropriate.

Various Weapons

The difficulty of the game will increase gradually with each level.So Anger of Stick 5 offers quite a few different weapons to make it easier for players to choose.Each weapon will also have its own strengths and advantages, so you should consider carefully before choosing.Besides, players can also use the money earned to upgrade weapons and make them stronger.Note, it is the new skill that determines the victory in this game, not the weapon.

2D image quality

anger of stickman 5 hack tien and kim cuong

Although it is a regular stickman style game, the graphics quality of Anger of Stick 5 is quite good.The details in the game are extremely diverse, typically buildings with complex structures, obstacles, and different enemy systems.All contribute to giving players a new feeling during the experience.

Anger of Stick 5 MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Unlimited money.
  • Infinite Diamonds.

How to install Anger of Stick 5 hack?

Step 1: Download  Anger of stick 5_(MOD Money).apk from iGameHot.Net.

Step 2: On your phone, open the downloaded file.

Step 3: Click Install.

Step 4: After installation is complete, you will see the icon “Anger of stick 5 by iGameHot.Net” appear.


Anger of Stick 5 is really a great stickman game through the features it brings.In addition, this game also fascinates players by attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, vivid and clear sound in the process of enjoying.Joining this game, we believe that you will have a completely different experience compared to products of the same genre on the game market today.

Download Anger of Stick 5 hack APK for Android

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